Joe Nolan.

32 years in the TV & Film Industry.

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Experienced in Feature Films/Drama/TVC’s.

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Joe is represented by Filmcrews +649 3776494

Strategic planning and scheduling in preproduction, the implementation of effective time management on set, maintaining good on set relations as the creative process happens and running high performance teams under pressure are all part of my skill set.

I have worked full time in the film & television industry since 1980. I have been freelancing since 1990, shooting mainly TVC’s (Domestic & International) with the occasional Feature Film & Drama. Subsequently I have good historical working relationships with a broad range of NZ’s H.O.D’s, technicians and actors. I am considered a safe pair of hands to take on a range of high complexity and challenging shoots. I have extensive experience in all aspects of film in New Zealand’s challenging environments, be they CBD and urban, industrial or corporate, rural, river, marine or alpine.


I have a comprehensive knowledge of working with “real people”, international actors, babies, animals, children and large crowds. Coming from a solid drama background I am able to run a set that allows director and actors to have their performance space and place. I am well practiced and capable in co-ordinating and operating complex shoots, involving multiple shooting units, multiple cameras, VFX, SPFX, aerials, lowloaders, tracking vehicles, marine barges and cranes – all the tools of the trade in modern Film & TV making as we continue evolving into the ever changing digital era.