Sound Recordist

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Joel Anscombe-Smith

Very experienced Sound Recordist with credits in TVCs, Documentary, Film and EPK.  Also a experienced sound editor and boom operator. joelAnscombe-Smith_CV_Mar21  

Lachlan Crane

Up and coming Sound Recordist and Post Sound Editor with recent experience in Boom Operating. Credits in Short Film, Corporate, Documentary & Web content with some experience in theater/live production. Skills lie in adaptability, problem solving and working under pressure. Able to work back to back on-set and in post production to provide an efficient turn…

James Dunlop

Sound recordist, sound mixer and specialist in all things sound. With an impressive range of projects on his CV. CV James Dunlop

Nic Widfeldt

Experienced Drama Boom Op and up and coming sound recordist. Working in NZ and the UK since 2011.  Credits in drama, corporate/EPK, and documentaries. EU Passport – Multilingual: English, Swedish and basic German. Wellington local and always happy to travel. CV Nic W

Adam Dransfield

Adam is a highly skilled sound recordist and broadcast technician with over 20 years of experience.His extensive knowledge within the film, television and live broadcasting industries, makes him a proficient and flexible operator. This coupled with his multi platform equipment knowledge means he is a preferred soundie both locally and internationally.  CV Adam Dransfield CV    

Craig Mullis

Craig is a highly skilled Location Sound Recordist with over 25 years of experience recording in New Zealand and Internationally. I have worked on a wide variety of projects over the years, and have consistently shown the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to any situation given to me. I enjoy the challenge of working…

Chris Hiles

Very experienced Sound Recordist. EXTENSIVE EQUIPMENT PACKAGE – ALL FLIGHT CASED FOR TRAVEL. Location sound since 1989.