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Go Drone NZ

Faster, lower, closer, Our FPV tech can get a solid camera package right into the action like never before. We’ve been pushing the limits of drone technology since the early days. We fly everything from Inspires through to custom built FPV cinelifters capable of up to 160km/h. We have just what you need to pull…


Skyhook is run by cinematographers and crewed only by film industry and aviation professionals. We use only the best, latest drone technology and offer full CAA authorisation and specialist aviation insurance.

NZ Drones Ltd.

NZ Drones is all about people and delivering quality Drone services, primarily being Film, Thermal Imaging, Asset Management, Inspections, TV Live broadcasting & Commercials, Mapping, and Much more. All services are delivered with our paramount commitment being to Safety, Service and Integrity. We fully support and adopt a complete safety management system which we consider…