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John-Paul Pohe

I have 19 years of experience in the Film, TV & Marketing industry. During this time I have been able to work across multiple disciplines. Producer, Director, Non Linear Digital Video Editor, Graphic Design, Marketing and PR, Social Media Analyst, DOP etc JP Pohe

Jo Hiles

One of Wellington’s most experienced PM’s. Great local and international credits. Jo Hiles CV – 2021

Celia Jaspers

Vastly experienced Producer/Director/Writer and Editor with significant local and international credits. Fantastic CV Celia Jaspers RESUME Feb 2021

Olly Coleman

I am a professional visual content producer with over five years’ agency experience in client-facing roles. I am experienced in all areas of video production, from client strategy discussions through to final video outputs. My skills include but are not limited to – friendly and professional client management, client brief ideation, production planning, on set…