Production Manager

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Jo Hiles

One of Wellington’s most experienced PM’s. Great local and international credits. Jo Hiles CV – 2021

Zelda Edwards

Experienced production professional with great credits in several roles. Zelda Edwards CV Film Credits Oct 2020.docx

Alice Harris

Three years of experience in Production and Camera departments, looking to further my career and build my skill base. Alice Harris CV August 2021  

Courtney Hooper.

Versatile and popular Production Manager and Production Co-ordinator. Stellar CV. CV Courtney_Hooper_CV_2021

Gillian Rodricks

Experienced Production Assist and up and coming Production Manager. Great CV. CV Gillian_Rodricks      

Olly Coleman

I am a professional visual content producer with over five years’ agency experience in client-facing roles. I am experienced in all areas of video production, from client strategy discussions through to final video outputs. My skills include but are not limited to – friendly and professional client management, client brief ideation, production planning, on set…

Belindalee Hope

I am very experienced in budgets, logistics, crewing, scheduling and the requirements of managing screen industry projects all over New Zealand. Whether it’s a film, TVC, TV or video project I enjoy putting the right people, with the most efficient plan and working together to achieve best results. CV Belindalee Hope

Pam Hislop

Extensively experienced Manager and Co-ordinator across all departments. International and local credits. CV CV Pam Hislop September 2020

Tom Boniface-Webb.

Experienced and popular in several production roles. Top guy. CV Tom Boniface-Webb

Bronwen Stewart

Very experienced Production Coordinator and Production Manager on local and international productions. Very highly regarded. Wellington based and keen to support the local production industry to be able to meet current local and international demand. CV Bronwen Stewart 2020 CV

Kat Stephens

Exceptionally experienced Coordinator and PM across a range of departments. Extensive international and local credits. CV available on request. _Kat Stephens Resume 2021 (1)

Pamela Harvey-White

Experienced in working with both New Zealand and American Productions.  Extensive knowledge of New Zealand Crew, contracts, and locations in and around New Zealand.  Worked closely with Wellington City Council who are very generous with their time and ability to negotiate key shooting locations. Having lived in New Zealand for 20 years I call this home…

Gabe Page

Very experienced Unit/Craft Services manager. Also experienced Location Manager and Location Scout, moving into Production Managing as well. Gabriel Page Film CV