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Holly Subritzky

One of our favourite CV’s from a true film-family. Hire with complete confidence! Holly-Film-CV-2

Simone Michaux

I’ve been a costume and costume prop all-rounder for fifteen years, and with that comes a diverse and robust set of skills. My problem solving skills and ability to reverse engineer have been through the hard graft, and what I don’t know, I know how to learn fast. I’m resilient, quick-thinking and have honed the…

Nathan Taare


Harriet Trubshaw

Workshop Technician/Consultant to the film and TV industry with a track record of delivering on multi-million dollar projects in New Zealand and Australia. Specialist, in prop making, model building, set construction/ design, scenic painter, set dresser, stand by props and prosthetics. Harriet Trubshaw Resume

Sam Gatara

Art Department, with skills in buying, fabrication, construction, carving and all Adobe applications. Great credits and highly recommended. SAM CV 2021 September

Ben Palmer

Experienced Art Department, Set Dressing, Construction and Fabrication professional. Excellent credits and references. Current C.V 2021

Tim Clissold

Experienced at 2D and 3D and drafting, plus an exceptional range of experience with multiple materials. Comes to film from with a background in high end boat design and construction, as well as significant international and local film experience. Fantastic CV. Tim_Clissold_CV7_2021

Irena Kennedy

Experienced props and set builder, with special skills in fibreglass, furnishings and sculpture. Plenty of credits and experience. cv 2020

Allyse Bégin

Set dresser/decorator with experience in the Canadian industry. CV Allyse. Resume NZ

Freya Wilson

Prop maker, buyer and Set Decorator with an exceptional CV. CV Freya Wilson_CV_Oct 2019

CK Film Design

CK Film Design provides art department services (costume design and construction, props, creatures, set design, wardrobe standby etc) to the film, television and wider entertainment industries with an experienced team of skilled contractors.  For examples of our work, check out our website or our Instagram.  We also have a huge range of costumes available for…

Alex Falkner

One of NZ’s most experienced and sought after prop/model makers and set builders. Also has Art Director and Production Designer experience. Comprehensive and always expanding range of skills. Alex can be a one-man art department or a part of a team. Very impressive CV loaded with international credits. CV alex.falkner