Hero Animals

The premier animal training group in New Zealand. With credits in many international productions, in New Zealand and overseas, Caroline Girdlestone and James Delaney are among the world’s best at presenting, and representing, animals in film.

Hero Animals is based on their own 300 acre farm on the

Kapiti Coast, 45 minutes by road north of Wellington, New

Zealand. The property encompasses extensive purpose

designed indoor and outdoor training facilities and animal

housing. A fleet of purpose built animal transport units

means Hero Animals is instantly mobile.

As a result of thirty years in business, Hero Animals has

connections and affiliations with all significant and relevant

animal welfare organisations, breeders, collectors and



Caroline Girdlestone.

Head Trainer / Co-ordinator

Caroline began working in the film industry in 1979 and

spent her first ten years in the Art Department.This

foundation gave Caroline an essential insight into the

requirements of the camera and therefore how to develop

and direct an animals performance to best achieve the

directors final on screen requirement.

Breaking down a script, choreographing achievable animal

action, detailed budgeting, attentive communication and

thorough preparation are the key issues Caroline would

always put at the top of her list.

With over 500 projects to her name, Caroline primarily

services the New Zealand market of feature films, TV

dramas and commercials, as well as heading departments

on international studio films.

Caroline is recognised as a leading trainer in Australasia

and has developed an enviable international reputation.


James Delaney.

Head Trainer and Supervior.

James has spent the last 20 years training animals for film

and television both locally and internationally.

His background in forestry and farming has been instrumental

in developing the Hero farm into a top producing sheep

and beef unit with a large viable forestry block.

James operates a complex breeding program as well as

maintaining all of the animals that are kept specifically for

film performance.

Multiple animal setups are his forte, and using a well

developed knowledge of positive training techniques,

James supervises the training schedules and the way they

are implemented by their trainers, to develop a consolidated

and consistent performance.


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