Graeme Tuckett (GT)

Key/Dolly/Crane Grip on  TVC’s, medium budget features and short films.

Can provide exactly the gear you need for your project, including cranes, dollies and sliders, at a competitive price.

Contact details above.


Recent work includes;

Key/Dolly Grip on  Air NZ Safety Video. Lachlan Milne DOP. Taika Waititi Director.

Key/Dolly Grip ‘Nimble’ (Australia) TVC.  Lachlan Milne DOP. Taika Waititi Director.

Dolly Grip on TVC’s for Honda and

Key/Dolly Grip. The Pa Boys (NZFC funded feature film) Rewa Harre DOP.

Key Grip. Pick ups unit. Shopping (NZFC funded feature film) 

Key Grip 2nd Unit/Main Unit Dolly Grip. Fresh Meat (NZFC funded feature film)
Simon Baumfield main unit DOP. Marty Williams 2nd unit DOP.

Key/Dolly Grip. Existence (NZFC funded feature film) Aline Tran DOP

Key/Dolly Grip. Face Lift. (Gibson Group TV Series) David Paul DOP.

Key/Dolly/Crane Grip. UFO (NZFC funded premier short) Simon Baumfield DOP.

Key/Dolly Grip. Eyes Wide (NZFC funded short) 

Many TVC’s and other short films.