Paul Andreassend

Highly experienced and qualified film safety services. Alpine and water work a speciality.

Peak Safety

Peak Safety offers a complete film site safety and medical service. We can provide: Safety managers and support staff. Risk assessments.  On–set medics. All of our medics are trained and experienced in safety and emergency management in outdoor  locations. Doctors and advanced medical services also available. Accident management kits including oxygen, defibrillation, spine immobilisation etc. Vehicles – 4WDs, side by side 6 seater all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes etc. Water safety – white water rafts, safety kayakers and motorised safety boats. Rigging services. Safety plans and audits. Assistance with location scouting and reconnoiters. Specialists in alpine and vertical environment. We can also supply skiing, climbing, mountain biking and kayaking talent as required.

Rodney Cook

Highly regarded, experienced safety HOD supervisor, stunt coordinator & risk consultant. Providing health & safety risk management systems, equipment and support for the film & television industry. 
With over 20 years experience I offer extensive safety and stunt equipment, rigging hardware, harness restraints, trauma medical kits and vehicle. View our website for all credits, contact info and showreel.