Production Manager

Anna Walsh Wrightson

Production Manager with over 15 years experience on local and international TVC’s. Most recently Anna worked as Set Decorating Coordinator on Ghost in the Shell. 
She is now living back in Wellington, her hometown. 

Belindalee Hope

I have managed productions all over New Zealand and can tell you Wellington has the best crews and facilities, with the ability to look after any project of any size, budget or nature.

Bronwen Stewart

Very experienced Production Co-ordinator and Production Manager on local and international productions. Very highly regarded.

George Robinson

Experienced Production Assistant and Assistant Director with some good Production Manager credits. Excellent references.

Karen Alexander

Very experienced Continuity, also skilled in Casting, and as Production Manager.

Natasha Sinclair

Production Manager/ Co-ordinator and Assistant with great experience across the industry.

Pam Hislop

Extensively experienced Manager and Co-ordinator across all departments. International and local credits.

Pamela Harvey-White

Experienced in working with both New Zealand and American Productions.  Extensive knowledge of New Zealand Crew, contracts, and locations in and around New Zealand.  Worked closely with Wellington City Council who are very generous with their time and ability to negotiate key shooting locations. Having lived in New Zealand for 20 years I call this home (I am a dual US/NZ citizen).  I am able to manage your production from wherever you choose to film in New Zealand. 

Tasha Sharp

Excellent experience on a variety of projects.