Production Coordinator

Bronwen Stewart

Very experienced Production Co-ordinator and Production Manager on local and international productions. Very highly regarded.

Jessie Grosser

Experienced Production Coord/Assist with background in TV, features and advertising, as well as experience as 3rd AD and Extras/Cast Coordinator.

Jules Lovelock

Experienced Assistant Director and Production Coordinator with a background in features, shorts, commercials and TV.

Linda McLaughlan

Experienced Production Manager/Coordinator with over 10 years experience in the industry in NZ and UK, with a can-do attitude and great people skills.

Natasha Sinclair

Production Manager/ Co-ordinator and Assistant with great experience across the industry.

Sally Cunningham

Highly experienced in Production Dept who can turn their hand to almost anything. Gaining more experience in the AD dept.

Tom Boniface-Webb.

Excellent credits on international and local productions. Highly regarded.