Production Assistant

Jordan Beresford

Great Runner and Production Assist experience, as well as experience in other departments.

Jules Lovelock

Experienced Assistant Director and Production Coordinator with a background in features, shorts, commercials and TV.

Katie McCourt

Plenty of practical on-set practical experience (including Coronation Street!) as well as a film education. Full driver's license.

Kirsty Beaton

Over three years experience of working in the film industry in the UK and Denmark. Has direct experience of handling the duties of a PA, including for the actor and presenter David Walliams, and has previous experience as an Office Runner and Script Reader. Full, clean drivers license.

Lucy Allan

A dedicated and mettlesome filmmaker, with experience in Directing, AD'ing, Editing, and TV Producing. Worked internationally in short films, music videos, television. Generally awesome human. 

Matt Silver

Driver, Location Assist, Production Assist and Runner with HT and Passenger licenses. Comes highly regarded and recommended. Excellent CV.

Mitchel Kajiura

International and NZ experience across many departments.

Natasha Sinclair

Production Manager/ Co-ordinator and Assistant with great experience across the industry.

Rich Turner

Experienced and enthusiastic. Good range of experience.

Rob Smith

New in town. Looking for Runner/Location Assist positions. Full NZ Driver's License.

Roman Just

Runner and Production Assistant. Driver's license, lots of international experience and super enthusiastic!

Sally Cunningham

Highly experienced in Production Dept who can turn their hand to almost anything. Gaining more experience in the AD dept.

Sorcha Mckenna

Enthusiastic, hardworking 2nd AC, with some experience in focus pulling, data wrangling and as a 1st AC. Eager to work at any level, very flexible and easy to work with.

Tasha Sharp

Excellent experience on a variety of projects.

Thomas Lee

Strong all rounder. Ready for running, production assistant work. Strong photography skills too.

Tim Hamilton

Several years industry experience in VFX, with editing skills as well. But he loves working as a Runner and PA too. Top guy.

Tom Boniface-Webb.

Excellent credits on international and local productions. Highly regarded.