Production Assistant

Amy Ergle

Experienced AD and PA, with great international credits.

Andy Ferguson

Experienced all-rounder with a great practical skill-set.

Anita Rossbach

Experienced and well respected in all production roles. Great CV.

Antonia De Andraca

Production Assistant with international experience. Great attitude.

Danni Parsons

A versatile and adaptable industry professional. An asset to any crew!

Dylan Gullery

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable PA and Location Manager with international experience on NBC & ITV productions. Excellent CV.

Emily French

Hands-on Producer effective at bringing projects from concept to reality. Growing in personnel and project management skills with a passion for turning the best ideas
into content that entertains and inspires.

Erana McKinlay

Experienced and valued Production Assistant with excellent credits. Also has live TV in-studio experience.

Gareth Ruck

One of the most versatile and likeable crew members we have ever met. Can cover 3rdAD, EPK and BTS shooting and edit, also a noted sound editor and occasional stunt performer! Top guy, great CV.

George Dyer

Runner/Production Assist and Art Dept Assist with experience in Greens. Top guy.

Gillian Rodricks

Experienced Production Assist and up and coming Production Manager. Great CV.

Gracie Brown

Experienced and highly regarded in many production roles.

Hannah Grun

Experienced runner and production assistant with excellent credits in Aus and UK industries.

Hannah James - Johnson

Great experience locally and internationally in locations, research and production.

Hannah Sutherland

Experienced Costume Assist, Standby, Dresser & Art Dept Assist. Also available as a Runner and PA. Great attitude.

Jono Aitken

Experienced and popular Unit, Locations, Runner and Transport professional!

Jules Lovelock

Experienced Assistant Director and Production Coordinator with a background in features, shorts, commercials and TV.

Justin Burke

Keen and competent all rounder with good international credits. Has a NZ work visa and driver's license. Top guy.

Kristopher Johnston

Experienced Camera 2AC and Production Assist/Runner with great local credits. Also available to Location department.

Marcos Sanzano

Film worker with a variety of credits and international work. Experienced in camera and lighting, as well as production.