Lighting Assistant

Andrew Galt

Grip and Lx Assistant with feature experience. Good references. Some Dolly experience.

Chris Chandler

Experienced lighting technician/assistant.

David Allen

Lighting Assist and also Video Split op. Experience in several departments. Has Elevated Work Platform cert.

Jordan Beresford

Lighting Assistant. Great attitude. Plenty of on set experience.

Julian Herrera

Good worker, gaining experience fast. Great references.

Lee Scott

Experienced Lighting Technician

Mac Pipson

Grip Assist and Lighting Assist, gaining a very good reputation. 

Mark Papalii

Lx, Grip and Camera 2AC. Great attitude on set.

Matt Sharp

Professional lighting technician for 8 + years.

Noah Taylor

Experienced lighting tech' with Best Boy experience. International credits.

Paul Jackson

Lighting assist, with some rigging experience.