1st AC and Focus Puller

Andreas Mahn

Credits include DoP, camera operator, focus puller, camera assistant and numerous other camera related roles. Full CV above.

Charles Edwards

Very experienced 1st AC/Focus Puller.  Full CV above.

Dylan Patel

Experienced 2AC and Lighting assist. Gaining credits at 1AC too.

Jordan Beresford.

Popular and experienced 2AC, now gaining credits as a 1AC and Focus Puller.

Lee Allison

Experienced Feature, Drama, TVC,  1st AC and Camera Operator.

Lex de Vroomen

Experienced across a range of roles and departments. Great CV.

Tom Eagar

Several years experience working across the London film industry shooting and editing commercial, documentary and promo content - including recent work on a 3 x BAFTA nominated feature.